Breath control is self control.

The wisdom traditions say that breath control equates to self-control.  Through the power of your breath on and off the yoga mat, we can shift the quality of our lives by excavating and confronting moments of fear rather than ignoring them, burying, avoiding or suppressing them.

When we breathe consciously, past fears, letdowns and terrors can transmute and metamorphose into glorious elements of personal power.

Being human is traumatic and all of the traumas from child birth to our first heart break are believed to be stored within on a cellular level. As sophisticated, educated grown adults the time is NOW to take control of the realm of the past, freeing us from it, allow us to live for the now.  The practice of yoga offers us the space and resources to take back our personal power, in spite of fear. Through constant confronting, conscious breathing, posturing ourselves in the space of now, the past dissolves into the brilliant, vibrant felt sense of aliveness that can only be in the now.

Through consistent practice, a sense of certainty is developed.  Certainty is an antidote to stress.  Through grounding your feet on the yoga mat and using your breath to shape the posture, ultimately we realize that we are the only ones that can make us feel safe.  The good news is, a feeling of certainty, confidence and presence begins to follow us throughout our days allowing us to be more present for our family, friends, contribution and responsibilities in this world. 

I pray that these short blogs will be an element of focus for you.  Remember that all we need is within us NOW! 

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