It's not about perfection but simply about connection

It's NOT about perfection but simply about connection.


We often come to the practice with the idea that unless we do the postures perfectly then they are not going to bring us to our goals.  Once we examine this misnomer, we may see that it doesn’t make much sense at all.  Yoga is NOT about perfection but simply about connection.  When we consider this organizing principle, we discover that our best is always good enough, because it comes from you, and it's the best in this moment.


per-fect adjective  1. As good as it is possible to be.


You may not be able to deliver someone else’s idea of perfection but the good news is that’s not your burden. You only need to fulfill your own potential, and as long as you remain true to that calling, and always do your best to fulfill your purpose, you don’t need to expect anything more from yourself.  Just show up, shine and connect to that perfect you!

It’s easy to get tangled up with the idea of striving to make it better or to be the "best"—the best parent, the best employee, the best child, or best friend. If we try to be the best, we run the risk of short-circuiting our originality and authenticity because we are striving to fit into someone else’s vision of perfection.



There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve, but examining where this feeling comes from is important because wanting to be better than others is our ego coming into play.  When we set ourselves free of other people’s standards and any ego competition, we are honoring where we are at that moment and that is incredibly healthy and supportive.  This allows us to feel great personal compassion in all of our efforts.


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