A very powerful tool to help overcome grief and loss gracefully.

Returning to love and the consistent practice of feeding and nourishing what we love are vital aspects for our life.  When we experience loss, however big or small, it can inhibit our ability to nourish and love ourselves, others and if we remain in the space of 'no love' it can erode us as men or women.  If we remain out of balance a sense of dis ease will come over all of our systems leading to a myriad of issues.


The practice of yoga at Inner Strength offers all a chance to return to love that flows from our hearts out to all of our vital organs.  Lack of love reverberates through all of our systems like the lungs, reproductive organs brain and heart.  


The longer one stays in a state of loss, the more we feel eroded and begin to doubt if we will ever be complete again.  In my own experiences and in my research and studies of others, no matter what our sense of loss, the benefits begin to show up when we step back on the mat and remember who we are, turn our attention inward and begin to love our selves in this way.


We are all like seeds just waiting to emerge and open.  Metaphorically, we can push through concrete, around boulders and even break the clay pots of life's most challenging confinements to open back up after loss. 


Each time you choose to practice at Inner Strength, the leadership team encourages you to open your mind and to let the energy into the body to nourish us.  We continually move with the breath and with that enter into the healing stages of our day.  The fire that's created during the flow is the very energy that we toss the old losses to germinate new beginnings and new perspectives with ourselves. 


The breath offers us something to listen to...which is actually a deep listening to self.  By listening to ourselves with greater self-honesty, we realize that while we have inner and outer work to do, so does every human being. The challenge of loss isn’t ours alone, it is humanity’s struggle. 

Experiencing loss is a human condition, and many today actively seek their return route to inner peace, spiritual knowing, and health. Certainly no one plans for loss to be a vehicle of regaining a clearer perspective of life direction, yet it can serve us in this way, becoming our return route to a healthy and quality life. 

Consciousness is actually the healing energy of Spirit that helps our body listen to a steady, reassuring inner message, one that helps us settle our fears and struggles and turn them into food for our spiritual journey. Before and after class, when we put our hands over our heart center and realize that we are sending ourselves love and recognize the impact it has inside us we enter into the space of healing and nurturing. The healing response in our body is an Inner Strength that helps us on our journey of spiritual empowerment and healing. 


I hope you find this helpful.  
I just uploaded this video with my friend Melissa.  
In it, Melissa shares with us her heart wrenching 

experience of what grief counselors call,"Out of order death'...the loss of her daughter.

She offers advice and encouragement to,"get back on the mat no matter what." 


If you find this helpful, please forward this on. 


With my palms pressed at my heart,


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