Increasing your value from within...

Appreciation means: 
to increase the value in
On the yoga mat, we're 
placing increased value
on our inner strength and 
all that our internal strength
When we truly value our
own inner strength more
than anything else, we're
empowered to 
stay on course even when 
others as well as 
outside circumstances
try to sway us 
off course.
Many, throughout the course
of our life presume to know
what's best for us, but
you and I know that the 
inner wisdom and strength 
within, will always
guide us in the appropriate
It's believed that, all we
ever need is within us now.
It cannot be learned or 
unlearned, whether we acknowledge 
it or not, whether we follow 
our internal compass or not,
it will always be there.
It's true unconditional love and 
However, If we choose to doubt ourselves,
there will be an inner conflict.
Have you ever experienced 
the 'heart' saying one thing
and the 'head' saying 
Many live within a state
of internal conflict.

Many default to simply 
living within indecision. It's within
indecision where we erode
as men and women.  It's 
the worst place to be.
When we choose to trust
ourselves, we feel how 
intensely supportive
trust can be when we 
recognize and use the power
of our inner strength/wisdom.
Like any strength, our 
inner strength is subject to 
the influences of the 
outside realms and it will
be challenged.  
Like all things that are 
challenged and pushed
through, your inner strength
will get stronger.
In the totality of our existence,
it's been said that, no 
force we will ever encounter,
will contribute as much 
to our success in life,
than our natural inner strength.
Through living from our
inner most wisdom and 
strength, we grow and 
discover the true 
potential and extent
of ourselves.

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With deep respect,

Talk soon,

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    Ro-test (Wednesday, 27 September 2017 18:19)

    Love writing. Many letting me know they appreciate it. �