Don't just get through it...grow through it.

We're all going through 
life, doing the best we can,
with the resources
we have, and if
we knew better,
we'd be doing 
The practice of 
yoga helps us not only 
get through life, but 
to grow through it by
offering some significant
life skills. 
Every day, if we're open
to it, we're exposed to 
new possibilities of 
growth and expansion. 
This growth may come 
in a new found ability 
to express ourselves, 
or to give the space to 
others to do the same.

We may experience
an expanded consciousness
or awareness.
We may be driving, the same
route we've driven for
months or years and 
notice something different.
Personal development requires
that during the process
of growth, we are going
to experience pain and the
feeling of being out of balance.
For instance, we may 
be so used to over committing,
that it has become 
comfortable to do so, even 
though it's totally 
NOT serving us, or others
at all. 

When we, for example, learn
to express a healthy,
NO, we may feel pain 
and emotional discomfort, simply
because it's not familiar. 
Like a child that learns a 
new word and uses it
all of the time, we may 
find ourselves saying 
NO to almost everything 
as we try a 'healthy NO' 
on for size.
With time, we will become
more masterful with our
ability to discern when NO 
is really appropriate, and
eventually integrate 
into who we are.
On the yoga mat, 
we're practicing being 
'comfortable in the 

This is such an assett
in life because when 
we do embark on
any degree of personal
development, it's gonna 
Remember that, it's 
hard, but it's totally 
worth it!
Keep up the great work 
on and off of the 
yoga mat.
Talk soon,

To help you along, on and off of the yoga mat,
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