How many chances do we get?

A cat is said to get 9 
to make mistakes.
we make a
mistake, many 
never, ever let themselves
live it down.
We not only deserve a 
second chance, we 
deserve another chance
we fall short of our 
excellence, and in do others. 
As a culture, we're so 
damn judgmental, impatient
and punitive. 
Without even giving someone
a chance, we put up our
walls and default to 
This 'default mechanism' is due
to the let down's of our past, and 
without awareness, we will
close our hearts and minds
to every new encounter.
On the yoga mat, we're 
cultivating awareness and 
an inner strength of 
knowing-ness, discernment, 
and wisdom.  

When we apply these
character traits to life,
rather than 
'judging a book by 
it's cover', we're able to 
see the bigger picture 
of what's possible with 
potential relationships.
When we give that person
a chance, we're giving ourselves
a chance to cultivate
our own greatness. 

It's vital to 
approach all encounters 
from a place of compassion, 
after all, we know how 
painful it is to be judged 
and misunderstood. 
This 'open space', sets a 
precedent for all of 
our relationships: to give
what we know we 
need...freedom, safety 
and space to be, simply
On the other hand, when
we do give space and 
our inner knowing advises
us to back off, we 
MUST honor it. 
By doing so, we gain 
incredible strength
and wisdom for 
tomorrow's inevitable
All the inspirational quotes,
blog posts, fortune cookies
and sayings are useless
until we act on them.
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