The Inner Journey

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The Inner Journey is our way of saying 'thank you’, by adding more value for you, the Inner Strength Community, for being willing and courageous enough to seek improvement and progress in your life, by way of the practice of yoga.  


All of us are on a journey, and if you've landed here at Inner Strength, a big part of your journey is bringing your mind, body, emotions and purpose on this earth, into balance.  The Inner Strength Leadership Team has the resources, experience, and an amazing NEW free online course to assist you in getting MORE!   


The Inner Journey


The Inner Journey is free online course that helps you to bring your life, off of the yoga mat, into balance. 


Here's what we've found:


Many rely solely on the 60 or 90 minutes of yoga in a class or in a personal practice to address mental, physical, emotional and mental areas of improvement.  Although our physical practice is an excellent first step, what we've found is, the real work is done when the yoga mat is rolled up and we head back to our lives.


As a complement to your existing yoga practice, the Inner Journey Online Course will challenge you in deeper ways.  You can expect to take a deep look at how you are off of the yoga mat.  You'll be challenged to do some personal inventory and self referential work to uncover areas of improvement in what we're calling 'the wheel to wellness". 


You can progress in your own way and at your own pace.  When you're complete, you'll have a refreshed vision, purpose and direction in life that may be what you are looking to get from your physical practice but seemed to have fallen short. 



Someone who travels on an Inner Journey possesses some or all of these qualities:


-A hunger and yearning to be the best version of themselves

-Wants to learn more skills surrounding health and wellness

-Sees the importance of a consistent Yoga Practice  

-Someone who believes in making healthy food choices

-Consistently learning by reading broadly and deeply

-Develops self to assist others through positive example

-Has a positive outlook on life

-Understands the importance of consistency in all we do in life.


How do I sign up? 


Simply scroll down and fill out the form and you'll receive login and password for your complimentary online course.  






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