Good things come to those who wait...


...but only things left by 
those who hustle. ~Lincoln.
Not only is being late 
incredibly disrespectful,
in essence, when 
we're chronically
late, we're saying that 
our time 
and energy is 
more important
than others.
By being late, or 
we can miss life 
and it's abundant opportunities
and only get the 
things that are left
over by those who
Listen, circumstances
sometimes dictate 
whether we're on time
or late, but chronic 
lateness speaks
volumes, whether we 
mean it to or not.
Having to wait for 
anything is a very 
challenging, potentially
uncomfortable experience
for anyone. 
On the yoga mat, we're 
giving ourselves time
to reflect and identify 
excuses we
may make about our
behavior, or blame we
place on others.
We discover that our 
procrastination may 
stem from simply being 
disorganized, over 
committed or it's 
that we don't really 
want to be there. 
On the yoga mat,
we raise issues to a 
conscious level, and 
as a result, have an 
opportunity to live a more
conscious life.
We wring out the issues
from every single tissue 
in the body.
As we expose the true
reasons for procrastination 
and being late in our 
lives, we begin to 
understand, and 
communicate, rather
than act in a passive
aggressive manner
by being late or 
As we begin to clean up
and clarify our goals
and intentions in life,
we learn to respect
our time as well 
as the time of others.
Take a moment 
to consider the last 
time you were late
to something.

Was it circumstantial? 
Was it because 
you truly did not want to 
be there?
Think about today.  What 
have you committed to do?
Take this next moment
to close your eyes, 
renew your commitment
to respecting your 
word and those 
you've given it to.
Make today amazing!

Talk soon!

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