Our Class Schedule & Pricing Has Moved to YogaWorks!

Class Descriptions

Inner Strength Studios offers yoga classes for all levels of students.  Whether you're a raw beginner or an experienced practitioner, Inner Strength Studios offers the experienced, highly skilled leadership you need to enter into a safe, effective yoga practice. 


All of our classes are heated in the 90 degree range to create a physically challenging, emotionally cleansing, spiritually uplifting experience.  Each class offers a deeply focused, mental experience, to help facilitate the release of stress.  All classes follow the Inner Strength 8 Phase System with flowing postures, deep breathing, mental focus and spiritual enlivening.  Classes are either 60, 75 or 90 min in duration.  



The warm gentle flow classes utilize a warm room and gentle flowing motions and transitions to help the body become more supple, facilitating ease and accessibility into different postures. This warmth will foster a broader range of motion in the body helping newer students, students returning from injury, post natal or advance students into their body in a gentle manner. Warmth, when applied in a conscious responsible way, with patience and balance, allows the body to open and improve circulation of blood and oxygen as well as reducing stress on all of the systems. The warm, nurturing tone to the room will allow your joints to bend and move through greater range of motion with less agitation. Warm gentle flow classes are suggested for beginners. WGF follow the 8 Phase System.