The 8 Phase System

All of Inner Strength Studios' classes follow it's 8 Phase System to thoroughly effect the physical, mental and spiritual elements of being human.  The 8 Phase System is derived from the Ashtanga Primary Series.  


The 8 Phase System ensures that the practitioner receive a balance of the following vital physical elements:

  • Flexibility (By following a wise progression from release - expand - heat up - lengthen - repeat)
  • Cardiovascular strength and endurance (With an appropriate amount of consistent pressure on the movements linked with the breath cycle)
  • Muscular strength and endurance (By longer holds, increased time under tension and contract followed by release)
  • Metabolic ignition (By creating and sustaining an internal and external heat for a duration)

The 8 Phase System provides the practitioner the environment that demands mental focus to be laser like at times and then to expand at others.  By contracting and expanding the mental focus, the potential is for the practitioner to experience expanded mental capacity.  


The 8 Phase System, through its thread of narratives, offers the practitioner spiritual, philosophical and esoteric topics to consider for broader attitudes towards onesself, relationships, culture and humanity as a whole.  


Each phase has deep intention which provides guidance, power and support throughout the experience.


The 8 Phases are:


1. The Integration 

2. Force of Life

3. Primary Standing

4. Balance

5. Secondary Standing

6. Core & Spinal Tone

7. Hip openers and Inversions

8. Finishings & Shavasana